Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Big Storm and Royal Mail Packages

The Big Storm Part 1:

My brother has to evacuate. The big storm is heading right toward his little house and he has rightly decided not be anywhere near the area. Look at this map from

No crazy "let's hang out to see how bad this thing could get." Nope. He packed up his dog and, with his girlfriend, drove inland. Last we heard, he made it to Tallahassee, took a break, and then was going to keep going. I think he is planning to head to Texas for an extended visit with us. Anna has been asking if Unc' Ben and his doggie are going to visit. The more dogs, the better for Anna.

Royal Mail Packages

After a much too long day at work, we arrived home to find three, count them, three lovely packages from England by Royal Mail. After much discussion about who ordered the package and who would be opening the packages (my husband swears no one ever sends him packages--just me and the kid), we set about the business of opening the loot.

Here is what was in Anna's two boxes:

Wow. What a great package. When we were in Denmark, we discovered Bundgaard shoes fit Anna beautifully. Her feet are like little blocks--square and high--and quite difficult to fit. No one sells Bundgaard in the U.S. I found This Little Piggy and the wonderful Pam Walker in Perth, Scotland. Through email contacts Pam agreed to let us purchase shoes. So, this is the shipment. The cute little bear and green sweatshirt with This Little PIggy's logo were surprises. There was also a packet of pink piggie candies, but Anna found those first and polished them off. One couldn't ask for a better shopping experience. As Anna's feet grow, we are sure to order additional shoes from This Little Piggy (BTW, they have won the Best Children's Shoestore Award in England--no wonder).

Here is Anna helping Mommy take pictures for the blog:

The final package just send me into a tizzy. This was an ebay yarn purchase:

What gorgeous Colinette Shimmer 5 in Fresco. I am going to make a sweater from the Yarn Girls book:

I really want to start this NOW, but I have to get the finishing completed on my tank and make some progress on my felted bag. I'll keep you informed!

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