Wednesday, September 01, 2004

History of a run-in with acrylic

Ok. I promised to talk about when I first started to knit. But I want to get side tracked first (just ask my students--I'm good at getting side tracked. I sometimes think they like the side tracks better than what normally happens in class. Probably because they know the stories won't show up on the test...)

I sewed together my lovely little tank top from Summer issue. The tank is the Yarn Girls' split front tank. Sewing it together wasn't a problem, but the yarn is a bit stretchier than I had guessed. It fits, but I hope it doesn't decide to sag. I worked the crochet stitch finishing. Can I tell you that I hate crochet? I feel like I am sewing with my toes. Yuck. But, I did make some progress. I promise pics when I get it finished and blocked. See, I am a good knitter who tries to block my work!

By the by, Anna was convinced to put on the blue fuzz sweater and pronounced that the sweater was NIIIIICE. SO, there is hope that she will wear it come fall. Considering it has been 100 degrees, I don't see that wear date coming until much later.

Now, as promised, the history lesson. I just can't get away from the history angle. It, as we academic geeks say, "informs" everything. Well, my history explains a lot about my knitting. I made a knitting project before my recent decision to pick up the sticks. Both were for my 4-h projects. Yes, I was a 4-Her. Yes, it was in Yes, I was Miss Carroll County 4-H. Yes, I showed sheep and participated in animal judging (think carcasses in a big slaughter house). Ok. I've shared.

But, I did decide at some point that it would be a good idea to try a knitted project for our fair. I looked at the projects available for 4-hers and guess what? The starter pattern was bed socks! Bed Socks! Can you imagine anything worse? They were ugly and mishapen even in the "this is what you should get" pattern pictures. Add blue scratchy acrylic yarn and it was enough to put me off of knitting for 20 plus years.

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