Thursday, September 30, 2004

Thanks to all


Before I head into my knitting info, I wanted to say thanks to all those folks who are reading the blog. I have been getting comments from folks I don't know ( and my Mom--Thanks Mom!) which is really great! If you are reading, do leave a comment and let me know who you are and where you are from (where ya'll hail from, in Texas-speak or Mumble mumble mumble in my native Maryland-speak).

The Boring Knit

This is the boring felted purse that I am bound and determined to get finished! There are those two big squares (front and back), a little square (pocket), and a strap, which I am now knitting. Blek. Boring stockinette with absolutely no shaping. Plus the pieces are big. The strap has to be 84 inches. 84!!! I don't care that it is only 14 stitches across. That is way long.

I have decided to slog through this and finish it up ASAP. I keep saying that when it is done I get to Klaralund, though I have Kuryeon in the stash for this:

This is the pattern that so many folks have already made--the Black Sheep Booga Bag. The pattern is free on line and looks to be much more interesting and faster than the purse I am putting together. Grr. I can't even tell you what kind of Kureyon I bought, because if I go look in the stash and touch the Noro it will be all over. Have to maintain control...

Stash place

We live in a fairly small house (by choice mostly) that forces us to keep tossing worthless and unused stuff. I think this might be left from my husband's Peace Corps days in Fiji, but, nonetheless, the anti-materialism bent mostly works for me too. It is only when he starts talking about tossing that one box from high school, filled with goofy bits of memory... Then I starting thinking that people who save every bit and piece of their lives might be on to something....

SO, in hopes that I can contain the stash and not get too many projects going as well, I would like to introduce you to the official residing place of my yarn and needles. Meet the stash cupboard:

And look--nothing poking out of the drawers or the top! Pretty amazing. I just won't tell Bruce about the bag of yarn in the office closet...

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