Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Work, Work, Work

I seem to get too little sleep these days... Is that just the most common (boring) complaint? Well, it is true.

I'm still knitting the big squares that will become my daughter's poncho. I didn't take pictures since they don't look that different from yesterday (well, they are bigger....).

I wish I was in Denmark

Just so you get to look at something ( I hate blogs without pictures! I'm just too visual a person to stare at words all day... and I have a Ph.D. in English. HA!), I thought I would include a picture from our summer trip to Denmark. I just loved Denmark. The Danes have lots of things figured out that we don't, including issues with health care and poverty. Yes, they pay lots of taxes. But they have a great lifestyle (except for the darkness in the winter....).

So, here you go. This is my favorite place in Denmark--Aero Island:

Aero was just gorgeous. We stayed at the amazing Pension Vestergade, run by Susanna Greve and family. This was the best bed and breakfast that we stayed at in Denmark. Susanna kindly gave us two rooms in the very top of the house, so it was like we had the entire floor and one bathroom to ourselves. Add to that lovely tea, great breakfasts, and chickens in the yarn for Anna to look at, we had the most amazing time.

Here's my daughter's favorite place in Denmark--Legoland:

Yes, that is my daredevil 2 year old on her first roller coaster. Who cares that it is raining? We are going really fast! She made us get on that roller coaster 5 times. I am frightened of those teenage years.....

We stayed at the family hostel and spent 3 days of kid-friendly fun in the park. Much better than Disney world!


In my other life, I work at a large university. In addition to teaching and administration, I try to complete some publishing/research. In fact, I'm currently working on a paper on knitting blogs! It's fun when your hobby crosses into work. This is a pretty straightforward paper--why I blog. Now that doesn't mean that I have an easy answer to why blog, but I am attempting to answer that question.

The nice news is that kind knit bloggers have given me permission to quote their blogs in my paper. I just love knitters! I promise to let everyone know if this paper is chosen for publication. Keep your fingers crossed.

As a sidebar to this, I'm seriously thinking of starting a knit ring for those knit bloggers who are academically connection. In other words, profs, lecturers, librarians, students (Grad and undergrad), administrators, etc. What do you think?

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