Friday, October 01, 2004

I Folded...


Ok. So I folded. I looked at Chris' nice comment about the Booga Bag (she said it was lots of fun), so I went digging into the stash cupboard and found the Kuryeon. The yarn was so much prettier than I remembered! So, I thought, this would be perfect entertainment during the debate. I went into my needle drawer and guess what? No double points in the correct size. Grr. So, as I had already committed to a new project, I dug in there and found the yarn for my husband's promised hat.

My husband is the warmest person I know. He barely wears a coat in the winter, even when we have been in snowy climates. So, I will never convince him to wear a sweater. He has one fleece and no sweaters--and he refuses to wear the fleece. So, in desperation, I forced him to accept one knitted object. We agreed on a simple hat that he can wear when he runs on that one cold day of the year. Since he is Mr. stinky sweatey guy when he runs, the hat has to go in the wash. I'm using cheapo wool-ease and a pattern from Sally Melville's Knit book.

Anna news

Our child is just the best child in the world (parents always say this, I know). Last night we had sushi, one of Anna's favorites. Here she is:

She decided to pick out the cucumbers, avocado, and fish, but she loved the rice and seaweed. She ate about 10 pieces....

I'm not sure why Anna is so adventurous--Curry, chinese food, broccoli, couscous, and more. She just has always eaten lots of varieties of foods, which is a relief in our house where there is usually a Chinese stir fry and rice for dinner.

Other Anna news? I finally received a call from our doctor's this morning telling me that her shots are in. After lots of research and discussion, particularly with my friend who has an autistic child, we decided to give Anna non-mercury (thimerosol) shots only. Plus, we split up the MMR shots. She received the R part about a year and a half ago, but the dr. has had a hard time getting the two separate Ms. Finally we have the two separate shots, and she can have the one. The idea is that MMR potentially can have adverse affects on children, with some anecdotal evidence that it might trigger autism. By splitting them up, you give the child's immune system a better chance to deal with the shot. Keep you fingers crossed.

Every time a child has a shot, there is a small risk of problem. They aren't completely safe. For example, our assistant at work had the polio shot as a child and became paralyzed for 24 hours. This is a rare side effect--the shot actually trigged polio. So, I get a little paranoid whenever we go about this procedure....

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