Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I Surface

Hello! Me again! I don't normally post on the weekend, and then we had a guest consultant on Sun/Mon so I didn't get a moment to stop and look at the computer. So, this is going to be a long one!

Finished Objects!

Remember that hat that distracted me from the felted bag I was supposed to be finishing? Well, it was a fast knit, and I finished it on Saturday. Here is Bruce showing it off--this is his best "I want to be a fisherman guy" look.

Bruce was looking at the potential wooden boats, so it seemed appropriate for him to be wearing the hat. But, you see that little hand?

Anna decided that it was "my hat, not Daddy's!" Ah, a two year old. She took Bruce's hat and plunked it on her head.

I also finished Anna's poncho! I thought it came out really cute and wearable. I even didn't mind finishing it with the double crochet stitch, which is amazing because I am not a huge crochet fan.

Since Anna was having fun modeling Daddy's hat, I thought it was a good time to get a live and in person pic of her in the poncho. No way. She told me, "I don't like this!" Oh. OK>

Instead she decided that the poncho needed to be spread on the ground. See:

Then she decided that the poncho would serve as a great place to park tractors and animals.

Sigh. Maybe when it gets colder she will decided that wearing the poncho is better than freezing. Here's the poncho without kid:

Mail Call!

I received two knitting packages in the mail as well. Knit Wit arrived and the Rowan fall book and the gift.

I'm not sure about Knit Wit. I love Knitty and the folks involved with the project, but there wasn't a lot in the book that I thought I would make with the exception of patterns already available on the Knitty site. Sigh. (I am doing a lot of that today...) I don't feel that bad about getting the book, because the folks involved deserve some compensation for all of their great work.

The Rowan book, on the other hand, is wonderful. I had bought a few Rebecca mags, but wasn't really moved. I thought Rowan might have the same effect, but there were tons of interesting and fun patterns that I was interested in! Plus they look a bit more difficult, which should be lots of fun.

New Project: Klaralund!

While I have worked on my felted purse (30 inches of 82 finished), I decided to swatch for Klaralund. After a few different needle sizes, I ended up with gauge on 10s. I even washed and blocked the swatch to be sure that this would work--Froggy said it shrinks, which concerned me. But, when I measured it yesterday it was perfect. I cast on over my morning coffee and ebay perusal and made it through about 12 rows. This is a fast and beautiful knit. I already love it! Pics soon--I am going to work on this during the VP debates.

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