Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I've just got to get organized!

Yup. I may look like a total slob, but I cling to the idea that an organized life is ideal. Right now it feels like my knitting life is not organized. I will take this post to figure out how to get organized, so bear with me, ok?

If you take a look at my sidebar you can see all the projects that I am working on or want to be working on. It really helps me to think about things in a list. I know that is boring, not spontaneous, and just way too up tight, but I don't like feeling that I am not making progress on my knitting. Period. Go ahead, psychoanalyze that, but I will tell you that this compulsion is what makes people into decent or great academics. How else could you complete a project (dissertation or book) that takes years?

I'm making progress on Klara (helps that I've been home from work with a child... see the last posting). I've finished both front and back, so it is on to sleeve island. I will be shortening the sleeves, but I'm not sure how much yet. I must mull that question over.

I have the pumpkin hat to work on, but that should be done soon. Then there is that blasted felted bag. Argh. I really should just sit down and finish the shoulder strap--I have about 30 of the 82 inches finished. I think seaming the bag and felting it will be fun, so I should just suck it up and get through the yucky part.

So what should go next on the list after these three? I have to start my Mom's secret Christmas present--it may take a while to knit. Hmm. Then the capelet I ordered yarn from Fuzzy Galore. Then, I think the little hat and mittens set from Sally Melville. If I ever get my yarn for my poncho I'll get that started too, followed by the Booga bag.

That leaves three projects that I don't have the yarn for yet, but plan on getting soon. I want to make Sursa from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton 2. My Mom is going to give me the yarn for my birthday (in Dec.), so I will start that around my holiday break.

I desperately want to learn to make something with cables, and I've been eyeing the little purse in Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's book 1. What do you think? A good first cable project?

And, I gave in to the temptation. I went to Froggy knits and saw her amazing Colinette Flounce jacket.

I so want to flounce too! So I ordered the pattern and yarn. Here's the color (I should write colour for yarn dyed in Wales) I chose Florentina:

Ok. Let's call that a plan for the next, say, year?

BTW: What is blog ettique regarding comments? I've had such nice comments from people. Do most knit bloggers thank their commenters or respond? Or is it implied that you just love your commenters? Hmm. Thoughts?

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