Friday, October 22, 2004

Looking forward to a weekend of FO

Yes, I'm looking forward to a weekend of Finished Objects. I have about 4 more inches on the felted bag strap to go. That means it should be finished this weekend. I want to stitch it up and felt it, so you should see a picture soon! Then, I get to work on the last of the Klara sleeves. Here's the first sleeve:

I want to get this sweater finished so that I can wear it. It is going to be just gorgeous. Of course, our spate of 90 degree weather is not conducive to wearing a sweater, but maybe by next week it will be cool again??? I can dream....

BTW, Maureen asked where my Mom lives in New England--Lee, New Hampshire. It is a very pretty area--near the coast and near the mountains. She calls to tell me about how pretty the weather is, that they are getting frost, and all I can think is "It's 90 degrees here!."

Since I'm answering comments, let me respond to Kathleen as well. She asked if I knew where my first booties and mittens were today (see yesterday's post). I have no idea, unfortunately. I gave them to my cousin when she was born, and she now is post-college and married. Our family does have this tendency to save everything (you might need that piece of string some day.... Must be that Pennsylvania Dutch background...), so it is possible that they still have them. I'll have to ask!

Yesterday's mail brought some fun items. I received this yarn swatch from Black Water Abbey yarns.

I read about this yarn on another blogger's page (sorry, I have no idea who posted about this yarn), so I ordered a sample. It is really pretty. Plus, it's actually made in Ireland.. a place that provided a fantastic vacation for Bruce and I way back when we were first starting to date. So, it is kind of a sentimental yarn as well. And, it is a light weight Aran, which is more appropriate for Texas.

I do love the heavy Aran sweater that I bought from Mrs. O'Flagherty when I was on the Aran islands, but I hardly ever wear it. I do sniff it, though (yes, Wendy!), because it smells like sheep and peat fires. If you ever go to Ireland, make sure you go to the knit shop where I bought my sweater. They have handknit sweaters that local women make during the long (non-tourist filled) winter. The shop is in the interior of the island, right next to the Kilmurvey House, where we stayed. To get to the shop and the B&B you take a van or (much more fun) a horse drawn cart. Our driver was so much fun. We stopped at a pub for a drink, and he visited with his Irish-speaking buddies (probably about how annoying Americans are, but who could tell). Treasa, who runs the Kilmurvey house, puts on an impressive homemade breakfast, but you should really eat dinner with her. It was great. The interior of the island is so much better than the touristy port where the boats dock. And, Dun Aengus is right up the hill--this very cool prehistoric spot that might have been a fortress or whatever?? Rent a bike and walk, soak up the Guiness and yarn.

Ok. Enough of the dreaming. I did get my Via Mala in the mail yesterday as well.

This pretty grey is for my Weekend Knitting poncho. I love that it is 4 strands in one. It looks like I have all my yarns for my projects except Sursa. I better get knitting!

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