Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Lots of Lots of Lots!

I've been busy knitting away. Klara's one sleeve is finished, so just one more to go. I'll post a pic in a few days.

And, I plan to get this blasted felted purse finished. I made it to about 50 inches of the 82 for the strap. I am going to plow through this, regardless. No Klara sleeve until I get the strap finished. What spurred this furious activity? Well, Wombatty left me a message about the purse a long that I joined eons ago... So I thought I had better get myself in gear and get this purse finished. Look out!

Notice too that I added Haloscan to my comments. I hope that it makes things easier--We'll see. It appears to have mucked up some of my pictures?? Don't know why. I will have to fix them. I found the info on Haloscan on Maureen's IrishKnits blog. I like the new comments as well, but I'm a little bummed that the installation of the code dumped my past comments.

More news you say? Well, my knit blog paper has been accepted! Whoopee! It will be published at Lore in December. More later on my (geeky) work!

Finally, look at the lovely things that came in the mail! First, my package from Elann and the mag I picked up at the grocery store:

I needed some different needles for my Puffy capelet. Plus, I've been wanted to try the Eucalan wash. I'm pleased that this came before I washed and blocked Klara. I think it will make her nice and soft! As for the Family Circle Easy Knits, I'm not impressed. There's nothing in there that I want to make. Hmm. I think I will get out the Rowan book and peruse the knits in there instead. Much nicer.

And here's the big purchase:

I'm going to make the Flouncy jacket, a la Froggy.

This Colinette colorway is Florentina. I just think it will be gorgeous. Plus it smells like sheep! Does anyone else smell wool and think yummy? Wendy posted about this same love of sheepy smell today. Is that just the strangest thing ever? When I was a kid I lived on a small farm that had sheep. The smell just reminds me of shearing time. Not that I'm deluded about sheep. They are truly dumb animals. Cute, but stupid.

Another random transition: I am just amazed at this picture: Sharon's Corner. Let's just say my long standing Mennonite genetic material (yes, we were tortured back in the 1500s in my family---and that's not the French Hugenot side that was burned on the square in Strasbourg) is pretty much as anti-war as you can get. But this picture is amazing. There is hope for peace, I think.

Finally, our friend Anne found this hat when she was cleaning out her mother's hat. She thought Anna needed to have her 50s Easter hat. Here's the big ham:

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