Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What's Next?

So what comes next? It is tough to be a Democrat in Texas. Let's just leave it at that!

Today it is 60 degrees in Texas. What does that mean? It means you see tons of students walking around with hats, mittens and sweaters. Yup. We think the arctic blast is here. At least I can now wear my sweaters without sweating! I'm not seeing the need for mittens yet, but hey--it's getting colder!

The other part of the "What's Next" question is about what's the next knitted project. I have finished the felted bag and Klara, and the Poofy capelet needs to be re-bound off as it was too tight my first go around. So, three projects are finished or will be shortly.

I cast on and started Mom's Secret Stealth Christmas Project. It is a long project, but not particularly difficult, so with some steady work, it should be finished by Christmas or before. No pictures, though, as Mom peruses this blog for pictures of her only Grandkid!

Which leads me to a conversation that I had with my husband the other night:

Hubbie: "You need to knit something that is more challenging"

Me: "Are you concerned that I am spending too much money on yarn?"

Hubbie: "Oh, no. It seems like you are getting really good and should try something more difficult and fun."

Hmm. I stick to my suspicions about his concern about the yarn budget, but he does have a point. None of the recent projects have made me really think. And I wouldn't mind having a project that challenges me.

So I started to consider what will increase my skills. I have a few projects that I am excited to work on, but there are some other things that might be fun. I've already decided to try the cabled purse, which will develop a new skill. I think socks might be fun too. Any suggestions for a good beginning sock pattern?

I also want to try some patterned knitting. My poncho has a patterned stitch, but it doesn't seem particularly hard. I would absolutely love to make the Danish Nattrojer in Interweave Knits, but it is probably too much of a jump at this point. So, I'm settling for the lovely Lisette from the Rowan 36.

I also need to add a baby gift to my list. Perhaps a pair of booties and hats? Any thoughts on cute small projects for a little boy to be named Calvin?

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