Monday, December 06, 2004

Weekend of Success; Weekend of Failure

Ah. The weekend. The time to make great progress on that stash reduction. Or to realize that you are a complete dolt. Take your pick.

The great news is that I finished the last of my Christmas knitting--my Mom's secret present. After she visits and gets her present, I will post pictures.

Sursa is also completed and is currently on my shoulders. Blocking her prior to finishing the ruffle edge was a good idea. Here is a close up:

The green ruffled edge has brought out the lighter colors in the shawl.

Here's the finished product:

and the back:

A big check for that part of the weekend. Plus, I have two new knitting books. From my husband's last trip:

The Yarn Girls' Guide to Kid KnitsThere are great easy patterns in this book, and they will look so stinkin' cute on my little one! Go hubby! Got to love those knitting gifts.

And, the buy of the week--

Brand new Vogue Knitting Quick Reference for a whopping 5.97 at our local Half Price books. This is a great little reference. I was looking for something to toss into my bag to lug with me when I am KIP. This has great instructions for various increases and decreases, as well as the all importance finishing techniques.

Ok. I have braced myself. Now for the dumb stuff I did this weekend. The not so dumb first....

Here's my colinette flounce jacket:

I was doing really well with the flounce jacket until I hit the armhole shaping. You have 36 stitches and the directions read:

"Dec 1 st at each end of next 4 rows. 28 sts."

I looked at that and thought--minus 4. Nope. Minus 8. Argh. So, I have to rip and correct my problem to get this to work correctly. I plopped the jacket in the knitting basket to think about the problem and turned to my almost completed hat.

I was lulled into thinking--"This is an easy knit, says Sally Melville. I can whip this up." No. No. No. I am a dope. Did I bother to carefully check the gauge? Nope. So, I ripped out the entire hat, which was being knit on 4mm and swatched away. I ended up with knitting on these tiny 2 mm to get gauge. Argh.

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