Monday, January 17, 2005

Weekend of Sock

Happy Martin Luther King Day! While it is a holiday, school starts tomorrow, so I'm at the office. Argh. I am doing the usual administrative hoo ha and teaching one web delivered class, so I will be busy, but not crazy (yeah, right--what semester is calm?). I'm putting final touches on blog and wiki assignments for my students so I am ready for Tuesday am.

I went to the local Knitting Guild on Thursday evening--very fun. It isn't a huge group, but there are some great knitters involved. I think I will enjoy meeting with the guild each month. But it does look like I have to add a few more pieces of knitting to the list. We are doing some charity knitting for a local abused women's and children's home, a great cause. I'm going to aim for 2 items, but I'm not sure what they will be. I am thinking one nice thing for a woman, one for a child. Maybe that pretty flower washcloth and some nice soap from Weekend Knitting for a woman? I think having something special and not particularly practical might be a nice thing, given the situation. And maybe a lap blanket for a child. The items are due in April or May (can't remember), so I have some time.

Not only did I get the house clean this weekend (a herculean task after the child plays (destroys) through the week), but I finished my Geranium Socks. I know they look pretty good because my husband pronounced them "surprisingly good!"

The second sock definitely came out better than the first. I joined my circule top with a cross over join, the heel was turned much tighter (no holes to stitch up), the kitchener toe looked pretty good, and the top part is a little bit tighter. Here's the toe--my second attempt at the kitchener stitch:

And a picture of the heel:

I did find a dropped stitch when I finished and tried them on--Ugh. I decided to use Sally Melville's quick fix for the dropped stitch--I picked it up with a separate piece of yarn and then sewed in the edges. You can see it if you really look, but you don't see it when I wear my shoes (Dansko Clogs Always!!!).

Not one to miss out on a picture, Anna wanted to show off her new Elmo sneakers:

I'm going to keep going on my two current projects (pics tomorrow), but I've been thinking that my iPod looks a little naked. Here's Ms. Pod:

Can I just tell you how much I love my iPod? I bought it to not only store my music ( I have 26.73 GBs or 7748 songs to date--hey I used to work in a record store and was a punk rock grrl), but also to transfer and store digital images when I travel. The Pod was a great help when we went to Denmark last summer. I bought a converter for my digital photo card, then dumped the card when it was full on to my pod. It stored the 1,000 pics my husband took and we didn't have to lug a laptop with us (anything to travel light!). Do you like the speakers? They were part of my Christmas present from my husband--He bought them at the Apple store in San Francisco. Maybe I will use some of my left over Silk Garden to make a little container, like Kristine's Irwin?

And, since I'm running along about technology, might as well join the crowd. I saw this list on both Digital Yarn and on It is Rocket Science. Here's mine:

Grooming Products
  • Shampoo--Whatever strikes me as interesting in the store--biolage, Jason, organics, whatever

  • Moisturizer—Ditto

  • Cologne/Perfume—Makes me sneeze! Can't do it!

  • Razor—Venus

  • Toothpaste—Tom's of Maine--any brand

  • Electronics
  • Cell phone—- currently missing an antena (daughter broke it), but an old Kyocera 2325

  • Computer--Ok. I have two. The office computer is a Power Mac G5 loaded up with two 20 inch Cinema Displays. I also have a Power Mac G4 laptop for portability. Yup. I'm a computer geek.

  • Television--No idea. It's OLD--from college. I try to avoid it whenever possible.

  • Stereo—A huge JVC/Sony combo, but I love my little pod player better! Plus, anytime I can I listen to the radio on line--BBC, CBC, RTE, Deutsche Welle

  • Home
  • Sheets—300 count cotton, with Danish organic cotton covers

  • Coffee-maker—Cuisinart all in one with the grinder in the machine--got to have that cuppa

  • Car—Mom mobile--02 Honda CRV

  • Stationery—No snail mail for me!

  • Beverages
  • Bottled water—We have a reverse osmosis tank on the sink, so I don't really drink bottled

  • Coffee—Green Mountain Coffee Club --Ethiopian Fair Trade

  • Tea – Anything interesting, but I love Stash's Liquorice Spice and a good cup of Irish Tea

  • Vodka—Not a fan. Much rather a lovely red wine

  • Beer—Dark!! Guinness, Murphy's, Warsteiner Dunkel, or any other thick dark European brand.

  • Clothes
  • Jeans—Comfortable--right now that is a pair of Anne Taylor and a pair of Hanna Andersson jeans

  • T-shirt—Whatever I've collected--Washington March for Choice, U2 concert T's, punk rock T's, Bruce's leftovers

  • Briefcase or tote—My big black computer backpack or the briefcase--depends on how much I carry

  • Sneakers—No Sneakers--Just Dansko Clogs and Ecco hiking shoes

  • Watch—a nice dual face watch from Guess that my Brother bought me in Europe

  • Favorite Places
  • Anywhere I can travel to: Europe, Scandinavia, China, New England, Canada--Who cares! I love to travel!

  • Necessary Extravagance
  • Fancy Schmancy Yarn. A high end computer.

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