Monday, February 07, 2005


I'm sitting here waiting for my poster to print. Yup. I have to give a poster tomorrow morning. Posters are more science academic things, but this conference requires me to move across those boundaries. So, I wait. And hope this goofy thing prints so I can tack it on the board tomorrow at 8 am for an hour of questions.

The good news? Oh we have lots of great news! My lovely secret pal sent me a very fun email picture of Piazza Arco Degli Acetari in Rome:

Doesn't it just make you want to run away to Italy! My SP read that I just want to travel, travel, travel and this picture is so cool. Thanks very much! Plus she/he said that there was a shopping trip this weekend. OOh.

I too am putting together a package for my SP. I have one more item to get, then I will box it up and put it in the mail.

This was a super knitting weekend. Maybe it was because it was raining--take a look at Anna:

Our poor child always gets sick when Daddy goes away for work, so we are dealing with a cold/cough again. Apparently a few kids at her day care have been hospitalized with pneumonia, so we are heading to the doctors. Good thing for the child that Mommy knows that old adage of getting wet=cold/illness isn't true--just those little germies at fault (lest you think I'm a rotten Mommy, Anna was outside for the briefest of times, just to blow off a little energy).

Look at my Weekend Knitting hoo ha!

Whoopee! Even though it is raining and warm today, I am wearing it. After all of that work, I'm not leaving it at home.

On the lace side of things, I finally seem to have gotten it together. I made it through the first chart and am into the first repeat. I wouldn't have made it without those dental floss lifelines and stitch markers. This is going to be so pretty, but slow going. That's ok--I really feel like I'm learning.

And, my last weekend accomplishment:

That's the front of my Coquette sweater and the Faroe patterned cuffs of the first sleeve. I normally do two sleeves at once, but the sleeve starts with two balls of yarn (separate). I didn't think my poor feeble brain would be able to manage 4 balls of yarn after my work with lace, so I'm doing them separately.

(notice the little person helping with my knitting pictures? Anna wants to be involved in everything! She's two and can do it herself, you know!)

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