Monday, June 20, 2005

The Sock Visits Stanford

I've been at Stanford for a Computers and Writing Conference this past weekend. The great part of this is that the family gets to visit with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law while I head to the conference. My paper went well, and the papers I heard were interesting.

The sock had a great time tooling around the campus. In homage to the Yarn Harlot, I want to include some of the images of the sock at play. Note the sock in repose:

Fountain at Stanford, originally uploaded by amyeetx.

Need a close up?

Sock in Repose, originally uploaded by amyeetx.

I actually finished the sock during the conference. The toe needs to be grafted, but I don't have the right size needle here, so that will have to wait until later. I love conferences where you actually get to knit. When I knit it is so much easier to focus on what the panelists are saying. Usually I get some strange looks, but this academia--we are all a bit off... What's a sock knitter in that bunch?

One of the nicest things about this conference is that they had our reception and outside dinner for the conference main speaker in the Rodin Sculpture Garden.

The area beside the conference had Rodin's Burghers of Calais in the Memorial Court:

Rodin at Stanford, originally uploaded by amyeetx.

Rodin was commissioned to create this sculpture to commemorate the Burghers of Calais who willing went to their death to save their village from attack. I've seen Rodin in Philadelphia as well. Many of the sculptures are from the same molds, but it was nice to see the sculptures in a different environment.

Tomorrow we head back to Texas! I'll see you on Wednesday.

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