Monday, June 27, 2005

Spinning Yarns

When I was away I did manage to hit a number of yarn shops. I don't have pictures of the spoils, as they didn't fit in my suitcase. My Mom ended up mailing the multiple skeins to me, and I'm hoping they arrive shortly.

I did get a chance to go to a number of yarn stores in the New Hampshire/Massachusetts area. I've already let you have a look at Charlotte's Web in Exeter. I also was able to go to Dover, New Hampshire's Spinning Yarns. Maureen recommended this shop, and I have to say that this was my favorite shop that I was able to visit.

Spinning Yarns, originally uploaded by amyeetx.

Here's my Mom buying me my very early birthday present--yarn.

Shopping at Spinning Yarns, originally uploaded by amyeetx.

The store owner was very friendly and helpful, offering suggestions about yarn choices. The yarn selection was not huge, but it was nice--lots of Rowan, Mountain Colors, Jaeger, and more. The best part? Toys to keep Anna amused while I poked around:

Anna at Spinning Yarns, originally uploaded by amyeetx.

What a pleasant store!

I also visited two stores in Massachusetts. First I went to Needle Arts in Concord, Massachusetts. I really liked the woman who was working at the store. She was really friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. We were able to chat about all of the gorgeous Colinette yarns that they had in stock, and I left with a pretty ribbon yarn (pictures tomorrow). Their prices were high, but it was Massachusetts...

The final store I went to was Wild & Wooly in Lexington, Massachusetts. This store is really large--two floors. They had the remnants of a huge sale in the basement and there looked to be big bargains. The prices seemed pretty good, and I succummed to some Rowan Cork for a pretty cabled sweater. The woman who helped me was very nice, though the other worker seemed fairly cranky. But, I think you could find some nice things in the shop with a little looking. It seemed to be fairly difficult to find things for some reason, but I would head back again for the big sale!

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