Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricane Evacuees/Yarn

First, the important stuff:

Texas has been taking in thousands of evacuees from the hurricane. In fact, we have been adding students to our University, housing folks in the local arena, giving displaced professors office space and library priviledges, and more. Our University sent bus drivers to move people, is publishing a newspaper in town for those who were evacuated, and sending students and townspeople to volunteer. There is daycare, food and clothing donations, and students who are moving real beds into the shelters for people to sleep on. I'm so happy to see that our town and university are making an effort to support those who are displaced. Here is the latest information: TAMU News. I don't mean for this to be a rah, rah we are great posting. But I do want to spread the word about what some regular folks are doing to help those in need.

The Knitting (less important) stuff:

Yesterday my daughter and I headed to Target to pick up a new chair for the kitchen:

Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

Isn't it cute? It has little steps that pull out so that she can walk up the chair and kneel to help me cook. I remember having a very similar chair when I was little--but it was that 70s brown...

The entrance way in our Target has a little area that has rapidly changing merchandise that is priced at 1.00--sort of Target's answer to the Dollar General stores, I guess. I always look to see what's there and here is what I saw yesterday:

Target Yarn
Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

Look at that yarn! I'm sure people thought I was absolutely nuts to be taking pictures of Target's yarn, but, hey, I needed blog worthy proof. There is a bunch of novelty yarn and acrylic, including acrylic sock yarn. I didn't buy any, since I'm having issues with both novelty and acrylic lately, but it is great to see knitting making inroads!

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