Monday, November 07, 2005


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Ah ha. This is indeed Gingham. However, it is 85 degrees today, so you are going to have to wait for a modeling session. I promise to take pictures this week! Instead, I will try to amuse you with our weekend activities. Run now if you want knitting content.

Wild Blue
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This is our latest addition. No, it isn't satellite TV. It's satellite internet! We are a non-TV watching house, so satellite TV holds little interest for us, but we are computer geeks. We live outside of town and can't get cable or DSL. That left us with a dial up for a long time--on old phone lines--that get a 14.4 signal. Yes, not even a 56 K. Add to that the fact that we use an air port and both share one connection. Well, there are people yelling "stop sucking up the bandwidth" quite often.

Wild Blue has just started satellite internet for rural areas, so we jumped on board. So far so good--1.3 MB download is a huge difference to us! I can't cruise through those knitting blogs!

I also took the time this weekend to clean up my knitting stuff in preparation for the holiday knitting fest. Here's the needles:

Knitting Stash
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My cat was really intrigued by the stash clean up. Notice the wide variety of needles: addi turbos, birch, plastic, metal. I guess I'm just not that picky!

Here's the little cabinet full of items that are probably going to our knitting guild silent auction. I'm just not going to knit with the cotton or ribbon yarns, so I'm planning on passing them on to someone who will use them.

Knitting Stash
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And the main knitting stash, the chest. I put each project into a nice little bag and cleaned everything up.

Knitting Stash
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And some pictures for the Grandmas. Here's a picture my Mom took when we were in Houston. I think this is an amazing picture! We never did figure out what the sculpture was--Anna thought it was a zebra.

Houston Sculpture
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And since it is warm, Anna took the opportunity to climb on our fence. This is apparently good for hours of entertainment.

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Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

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