Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Tippi is in progress. I tried a different way to stitch up the shoulder seams, thanks to my handy Vogue Knitting book. This one is more invisible but a little thicker and hardier. I think this sweater will get a lot of wear so I'm willing to take a thicker seam. Plus the seam finish in the pattern makes for uneven ends and it would look oddly if those ends weren't hidden a bit.

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This happened in the middle of the photo session. Wouldn't want to have a moment when the child is not the center of the world...

Pay attention to me!
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And you know, I finally found a good use for diaper pins. I marked four sections of the cardigan front so that I picked up the right number of stitches. I added button holes on the right side, as well. My Mom promises to pick through her button box to see if there are some antique pewter buttons to grace Tippi.

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In case you missed the hubub, Stephanie has launched The Knitting Olympics. I am not the best at KALS, but couldn't resist the challenge--one challenging knit, 16 days. I'm going to try Voyage. Yes. I'm nuts.

Perhaps I need another vacation... We took a mini break this past weekend. Hubby had to work in San Antonio, so the child and I tagged along to play. We went to the San Antonio Zoo and played with the animals. One of the animals that we found truly amazing was the clouded leopard. They leopard was in a natural habitat environment behind a window that you could look through. There was a little area to sit at in front of the window. Either we looked like something to play with or (more likely) like a snack, the leopard spent about a half hour stalking us, launching herself at the window with mouth wide, claws extended. I'm glad that the window was there! Anna found this behavior amusing and spent the entire time laughing with glee.

We stayed at a new hotel on the Riverwalk which is now occupying my favorite in San Antonio spot: Hotel Valencia. This hotel is modern and funky inside, with soothing waterfalls and candle light. It is a great location--on the Riverwalk but away from the loud noisy insanity of a weekend night.

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