Monday, April 17, 2006

San Antonio Weekend

I hope you had a lovely weekend celebrating whatever you celebrate! We went to San Antonio for the weekend and enjoyed the lovely 90 degree F Plus weather!

We went back to the Hotel Valencia, on the riverwalk, since we had such a great time the last visit. This time our room overlooked the courtyard. The fire with waterfalls was a big hit with the child, though she was puzzled as to why the water didn't cause the fire to burn out.

Hotel Valencia
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There's water and candles throughout the hotel, which is rather minimalist in decor. Here's the waterfall in the entranceway.

Hotel Valencia lobby
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Not only is the hotel comfortable, but funky, but we were treated well. Here was what awaited us:

My kind of hotel!
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My kind of place! A bottle of wine, milk and cookies. What more could you want?

Cookies at the Hotel
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The child polished of the cookies and milk and, on return from dinner, was impressed with her good night package from the hotel--Nala from the Lion King, a cup and play dough. She keeps asking why we aren't going back to the hotel at night... Can't image why she liked the place.

At dinner we were entertained by a female mariachi band. They sang a song at our table and the child spent the rest of the evening singing songs in spanish.

Female Mariachi
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We went to the San Antonio zoo on Saturday. This is one of the oldest zoos in Texas (animals in the 1800s and built in 1914). What's really neat is to see how much of the zoo is WPA built using local stone and looking, at parts, like an old Texas corral. One of the exhibits let you feed nectar to the lorys. They are beautiful birds and seem to be enjoying the free food that the visitors provide.

Feeding the Lory
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In the children's area there is a riverbed for kids to play--and since it was hot we spent more than an hour splashing around.

Playing in the water
Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

and running up and down the river.

San Antonio zoo
Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

and rolling in the sand.

I love the sand!
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All in all, a great trip!

I love the zoo
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