Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weekend of New Beginnings

This was a weekend of new beginnings.

First, our lumpy old cat (13 years) managed to get out during a horrible thunderstorm on Friday night. He is declawed, has had a fang tooth removed, has never been outside and is generally a whimpy cat--I was convinced that the coyote packs or the hawks would have picked him up and had him for a snack. I was heartbroken--he has been my buddy for years and years. I walked the woods, roads, talked to neighbors for three days.

On Monday night I called him one more time on the porch and heard something. I took our spotlight out and walked around the back of our property and who should I see in the barn, but Rollins. Unbelievable. He refused to come out of the barn, so I scooped him up and took him inside. He was so happy to be back that he showed us his belly:

Resurrected Cat
Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

I'm so happy that he is home!

We also attended a lovely wedding this weekend. The bride works with my husband. The child loves Miss Karen:

Wedding Fun
Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

And Mommy and child were able to take a ride in the wedding mobile--a model A car. As you can see it was warm and beautiful at the B&B ranch.

Riding in the Model A
Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

Wedding gifts? Well, we are Texas A&M Aggies, you know! Watch out Hershey.

Texas A&M Chocolate
Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

And there was entertainment for the kids--a tu pinata. For those of you unaware of the strangeness of Texas A&M tradition, take a look at this website or this one. The big rivalry is between the University of Texas (derogatively named tu) and Texas A&M... and Aggies are often called upon to saw the horns of the tu longhorn --"beat the hell outta t.u.". Seems appropriate for a pinata.

TAMU Pinata at the wedding
Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

Our child is rather selective with her candy gathering. Smarties anyone?

Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

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