Friday, April 08, 2005

Package from Scotland

Knitting Update:

Two Sleeves finished for Coquette

Anna's dress has made it to the intarsia flower

Updates on Monday!

Diversions? Well, there was this fun package from Scotland for Anna. I blogged about the last package from Scotland way back inSeptember 04 . And, once more, This Little Piggy shoe store comes through!

Pam, the owner of the store, is just the nicest person to work with. I located these great kid's shoes when we were visting Denmark last summer. They are a Danish shoe--Bundgaard--and are soft glove leather and wide enough to fit the huge blocks of my child's feet. They aren't sold in the US, but Pam has been kind enough to send them across the pond.

There is a reason that Pam's store has won multiple awards over the past few years. She offers the most amazing service. The shoes came super fast and there were tons of little extras for my daughter:

Anna loved the little cell phone with lip gloss, ate all of the little candies, scribbled with the crayons, and decided to wear her pink t shirt as soon as possible.

Can you tell she was excited?

She decided to whirl and dance around the room--

Thanks so much Pam!

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