Monday, December 19, 2005

The Holiday: The good, the bad, the miraculous

Yes, the good, the bad, the miraculous holiday events. Really.

I guess we do the good news first.

Lots of holiday parties here. First, the school parties. This was the only half decent picture we could get on the school program evening. Too much singing and sugar do not make for a calm child.

Happy Holidays!
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And back at school at 8 am for another sugar fest. I decided that Klaralund needed to make an appearance. This sweater is the one that I grab when I throw on jeans and run out the door. Here we are discussing the relative merits of green frosting vs. red frosting.

Klaralund at the Party
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We ended up deciding that white cake with multi colored sparkles was actually the best for 8 am.

Holiday Cupcakes
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And the weather has been cool, but not cold. Since Texas never really gets that cold we seem to be raking leaves all winter long. Notice that the child is a huge help...

Raking Leaves
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More good, you ask? I picked up my gifted hat from our local knitting guild exchange. Isn't it wonderful?

Hat Exchange Hat
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Diana (no blog) pulled my number out of the hat and received the bag of Via Mala yarn that I provided. I had two skeins left from my poncho (Feb 05). She added the lovely little flower from some stash wool. Isn't it just too cute? And, since no one else in my household was awake to take the picture, here's the hat in the bathroom mirror shot:

Hat Exchange
Originally uploaded by amyeetx.

Ok. Let's move on to the bad... Take a look at this:

A bad Hair day
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Thanks to all the other knitters who put up their mistakes, I am actually brave enough to blog about my stupidity with the Amelie bolero. Notice that the cat is still obsessed with the fuzz? I'm close to giving it to him permanently. Yes, the sleeves are BOTH in upside down. What a dope. I looked and looked at the back piece that wraps into the bolero fronts and decided that the side seams must go under the arm pit. No, no. Actually they go on the shoulder. Bad guess. Of course the instructions in Rebecca are no help. They basically say--sew up the side seams with the sleeves. Duh. So, I put one sleeve in and actually looked at the sweater again, tried it on, and thought things were going well. No. Apparently not. It takes BOTH sleeves for me to grasp the problem. Argh. I threw this aside in disgust. I will indeed rip and resew the sleeves, however, this has reminded me that I am actually most happy when I knit more traditional designs with more traditional, natural fiber yarns. Yes, I want to be cool and hip (see even those words are pase) but I'm really an old fuddy duddy (as my grandmother would say).

Enough about the bad. Now, what about the miraculous?

Miraculous-- my husband asked me to make him a sweater. Why so strange? Well, this is the man that has never worn a sweater in the years that I have known him. Once in a while he will put on a sweatshirt when it gets really cold, but this is a new thing.

So, I'm thrilled he wants a knitted object. But, there are some issues to consider.
  1. He has a 48 inch chest. This is huge. Most Rowan men's patterns only go up to 46". I'm going to be knitting FOREVER on this sweater, so I better like the pattern and the yarn.
  2. He won't wear scratchy fabrics. That leaves out most wools and neither of us likes acrylics.
  3. He wants a lightweight sweater (probably cotton) since we live in Texas, and he is always warm.
  4. He wants a traditional design, preferably an aran.
  5. He wants a tough, durable sweater ( he destroys most of his clothes rather quickly... it is actually a joke in his family).
  6. Machine washable is best--we all do our own wash and he just throws everything in the machine.
  7. The only colors that are appropriate are dark blue, dark grey or dark green.
I've been pondering this dilema, and think I have a solution--Rowan Denim. I've ordered Rowan Denim and will take a good look at the possible patterns when it gets here.

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