Friday, October 29, 2004

Secret Kid Plot?

So do kids really plot to get sick at the absolute worst time? I wonder this sometimes... My husband is away on business, I have a guest consultant coming in that I have to usher from meeting to meeting, lunch to dinner, airport to hotel, and Anna gets pink eye. Do I have backup? No. As with most academics, we are a long plane ride away from grandmas, aunts, uncles, etc. So, Thursday Anna wakes up with a goopy eye, I take her to the doctor, get the diagnosis and eye drops. So much for Thursday. The good news is that Friday is the day with the consultant, and her doctor says that one day of antibiotics should do the trick--back to school for her. The kicker with all of this is that she doesn't feel bad and can't understand why she isn't able to go see her buddies at school. She LOVES her friends. How comes even 2 year olds think their peers are cooler than boring, stodgy Mom and Dad? I fear the teenage hormones....

Since I was clearly not going to accomplish any work related items yesterday, I played with Anna and knitted. I blocked Klara, and she is dry, so I should be able to finish her this weekend. I cast on for my poofy capelet as well. No pics of the WIP today, but maybe this weekend.

Ang. asked for the pattern source for the Berga bag (see last post). The bag is from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book 1. It's the last pattern, but the one that I want to start with. So cute!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Scrumptious Yarn?

Cash Iroha Noro is so scrumptious. Really. I bought 5 skeins from an ebay seller for Arla, my first cable project:

Cash Iroha is so light and lofty. The color is raspberry--gorgeous!

I think this will make a great purse. I'm adding it to my list!

And Klara, you ask? Well here she is:

I think I might finish her tonight, then its just a good blocking before stitch time!

How do you know you are getting old? Music. Yes, I was (AM) a riot grrl. Now, I just feel old. If you are having this kind of moment too (yes, I saw U2 before they were a big band), take a listen to this week's Mystery Train program from RTE (Irish) Radio. They're getting ready to have a mid-life crisis show for those of us who remember when the Clash was the coolest unknown punk band and making mix-tapes with handdrawings of our favorite bands (The Lemonheads, Billy Bragg, Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Bob Mould and Husker Du) was cool.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Beatles Broke Up, You Say? Naked Men in the Blog?

The Beatles Broke Up, You Say?

I was bummed out this morning because Wendy at Wendyknits announced that she is done with the knit blogging. My response is a "I'm sad that this great resource is going away," but also a "I totally understand that a blog that started out for personal reasons could get way too crazy and involved and a break is certainly necessary."

Then I checked her blog later and it looks like she will be an "intermittent" blogger. Whoopee! This is great news. Looks like she is developing some injuries that she needs to take care of. Hope that Wendy recovers fully and quickly! If you really want to see the knit blogging community in action, check out her posts.

Naked Men in the Blog?

So this has to be the best post I've seen lately: Zibibbo is Good. Zibibbo is talking about the lovely Man Poncho pics... And then she says "check out her FO pics (she has a naked man there!)." Wow. My husband is naked! on the web! Hee Hee. Actually the picture is of him without a shirt on--just shorts (that you can't see). Take a look at my gallery if you like. It's still 90 degrees here in Texas, so he was working without his shirt on when I cornered him for a picture! Can't imagine what kinds of hits naked man will get my poor little ol knit blog. My husband will find this pretty amusing...

My felted purse is almost dry enough to finish--good news. And, Klara's last sleeve is about 1/3 complete. Look out! I'm going to start thinking about my next project. Probably that little poofy capelet and my Mom's secret project....

Monday, October 25, 2004

A weekend success story

Before I start I want to report my first knitting sighting on campus. I went to buy a salad for lunch at our coffee stand and there was a student knitting a sweater in the round! Knitters unite!

I did it, I did it! Yes, I actually finished that yucky bag that I have been struggling through. Just a refresher--before:

I put it in a zipper pillow case and tossed it into the washing machine on HOT. Here is the post felted product:

And the other view:

I am much more pleased with this post felting. I put a box inside the purse to help it dry into shape. The pocket is dry, but the purse is still damp. I gave it some good tugs to try to shape it into the perfect square. It does look like the strap didn't shorten as much as I would like and the one color square is a bit bigger than the other. But, who care? I will finish it and use it to tote yarn in this week!!

I started Klara's second sleeve, which should be finished at some point this week. I plan on seaming her this weekend.

Have you seen the Knitty surprise? What a great idea! Plus, I have to say that I love the boobie scarf:

I might have to try this one.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Looking forward to a weekend of FO

Yes, I'm looking forward to a weekend of Finished Objects. I have about 4 more inches on the felted bag strap to go. That means it should be finished this weekend. I want to stitch it up and felt it, so you should see a picture soon! Then, I get to work on the last of the Klara sleeves. Here's the first sleeve:

I want to get this sweater finished so that I can wear it. It is going to be just gorgeous. Of course, our spate of 90 degree weather is not conducive to wearing a sweater, but maybe by next week it will be cool again??? I can dream....

BTW, Maureen asked where my Mom lives in New England--Lee, New Hampshire. It is a very pretty area--near the coast and near the mountains. She calls to tell me about how pretty the weather is, that they are getting frost, and all I can think is "It's 90 degrees here!."

Since I'm answering comments, let me respond to Kathleen as well. She asked if I knew where my first booties and mittens were today (see yesterday's post). I have no idea, unfortunately. I gave them to my cousin when she was born, and she now is post-college and married. Our family does have this tendency to save everything (you might need that piece of string some day.... Must be that Pennsylvania Dutch background...), so it is possible that they still have them. I'll have to ask!

Yesterday's mail brought some fun items. I received this yarn swatch from Black Water Abbey yarns.

I read about this yarn on another blogger's page (sorry, I have no idea who posted about this yarn), so I ordered a sample. It is really pretty. Plus, it's actually made in Ireland.. a place that provided a fantastic vacation for Bruce and I way back when we were first starting to date. So, it is kind of a sentimental yarn as well. And, it is a light weight Aran, which is more appropriate for Texas.

I do love the heavy Aran sweater that I bought from Mrs. O'Flagherty when I was on the Aran islands, but I hardly ever wear it. I do sniff it, though (yes, Wendy!), because it smells like sheep and peat fires. If you ever go to Ireland, make sure you go to the knit shop where I bought my sweater. They have handknit sweaters that local women make during the long (non-tourist filled) winter. The shop is in the interior of the island, right next to the Kilmurvey House, where we stayed. To get to the shop and the B&B you take a van or (much more fun) a horse drawn cart. Our driver was so much fun. We stopped at a pub for a drink, and he visited with his Irish-speaking buddies (probably about how annoying Americans are, but who could tell). Treasa, who runs the Kilmurvey house, puts on an impressive homemade breakfast, but you should really eat dinner with her. It was great. The interior of the island is so much better than the touristy port where the boats dock. And, Dun Aengus is right up the hill--this very cool prehistoric spot that might have been a fortress or whatever?? Rent a bike and walk, soak up the Guiness and yarn.

Ok. Enough of the dreaming. I did get my Via Mala in the mail yesterday as well.

This pretty grey is for my Weekend Knitting poncho. I love that it is 4 strands in one. It looks like I have all my yarns for my projects except Sursa. I better get knitting!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

A New Ring!! and Man Ponchos....

A New Ring!!

Yes, I finally got my act together and set up the Academics Knit Blog ring. Whoopee! See the side bar for links to join. The Academics Knit ring is for anyone that is affiliated with academia (universities or colleges--4 year or community) in any way. So, professors, administrators, librarians, staff or students (grad or undergrad). Please join! It is always fun to see the merger between knitting and work.

My Knitting

Not much to report in my knitting, since I am still working on the boring strap for my purse. I'm up to about 70 inches, so I should be able to finish this blasted strap tonight. Then, I can sew up the purse and FELT it. This is my first felting experience, so wish my luck and happy shocking.

Vintage Knitting

My mother has a swap shop at her recycling center/dump. This is such a cool (New England thrift) concept. You bring what you don't want, then you take anything that looks good. She picked up a bunch of vintage knitting patterns and mailed them to me. I'll be adding pics from these patterns over the course of the next month or so, but this one just had to go up now:

Ugh. I actually like ponchos, but what is this? This must be some sort of 60s ode to the Beach Boys, but I'm not liking it!

My Mom also found the very first knitting pattern I made (she saves everything!) Here it is:

This was actually a pretty difficult pattern to start with. Maybe that's why I hated knitting back then?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Lots of Lots of Lots!

I've been busy knitting away. Klara's one sleeve is finished, so just one more to go. I'll post a pic in a few days.

And, I plan to get this blasted felted purse finished. I made it to about 50 inches of the 82 for the strap. I am going to plow through this, regardless. No Klara sleeve until I get the strap finished. What spurred this furious activity? Well, Wombatty left me a message about the purse a long that I joined eons ago... So I thought I had better get myself in gear and get this purse finished. Look out!

Notice too that I added Haloscan to my comments. I hope that it makes things easier--We'll see. It appears to have mucked up some of my pictures?? Don't know why. I will have to fix them. I found the info on Haloscan on Maureen's IrishKnits blog. I like the new comments as well, but I'm a little bummed that the installation of the code dumped my past comments.

More news you say? Well, my knit blog paper has been accepted! Whoopee! It will be published at Lore in December. More later on my (geeky) work!

Finally, look at the lovely things that came in the mail! First, my package from Elann and the mag I picked up at the grocery store:

I needed some different needles for my Puffy capelet. Plus, I've been wanted to try the Eucalan wash. I'm pleased that this came before I washed and blocked Klara. I think it will make her nice and soft! As for the Family Circle Easy Knits, I'm not impressed. There's nothing in there that I want to make. Hmm. I think I will get out the Rowan book and peruse the knits in there instead. Much nicer.

And here's the big purchase:

I'm going to make the Flouncy jacket, a la Froggy.

This Colinette colorway is Florentina. I just think it will be gorgeous. Plus it smells like sheep! Does anyone else smell wool and think yummy? Wendy posted about this same love of sheepy smell today. Is that just the strangest thing ever? When I was a kid I lived on a small farm that had sheep. The smell just reminds me of shearing time. Not that I'm deluded about sheep. They are truly dumb animals. Cute, but stupid.

Another random transition: I am just amazed at this picture: Sharon's Corner. Let's just say my long standing Mennonite genetic material (yes, we were tortured back in the 1500s in my family---and that's not the French Hugenot side that was burned on the square in Strasbourg) is pretty much as anti-war as you can get. But this picture is amazing. There is hope for peace, I think.

Finally, our friend Anne found this hat when she was cleaning out her mother's hat. She thought Anna needed to have her 50s Easter hat. Here's the big ham:

Monday, October 18, 2004

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Weekend of Cleaning..and A FO!

While I was able to do a decent amount of knitting this weekend (more to follow), I spent most of my time cleaning. I don't remember our house getting so dirty prior to a child! Our cat leaves half his body weight in hair around the house, it seems, but the child manages much more than that. Plus, I have never seen a kid with so many toys. Suggestion to relatives who read the blog: No toys for presents. The kid has plenty!

On to the knitting!

My first Klara sleeve is almost complete. I ended up taking out just 1.5 inches. I decided to live on the edge. I was actually afraid that Klara might not be drapey enough without the length.

And, a FO! I was able to make a decent amount of progress on Anna's Pumpkin hat. It felt so nice and cool last week that I thought she might need it sooner, rather than later. Alas, it was 90 degrees yesterday and today. Pesky Texas weather.

Unlike the Poncho she liked the hat:

What is it with Anna and hats? It is like she has already become an adolescent skate punk? Probably just rewards for the pink jello hair and men's pajamas from the mission that I wore to torture my parents in my youth. Check out this cool kid pose:

Bruce says he is moving into the barn when she's a teenager. I'm going to the spa for a few years!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Is it Fall?

I think it might actually be fall here in Texas. When I woke up this morning, our temperature in the house was below the air conditioning setting. This is a big clue that we are headed toward fall here in Texas.

Now that doesn't mean that our fall is anything like the fall that I grew up with on the East Coast. Here's what our turning leaves look like:

Our leaves get brown and crunchy. That's it. While our leaves are ugly, we do have some pretty bushes in the front of our house that get nice berries.

It was nice and cool in the evening, so we took a walk down our road.

The dogs get frisky when it drops below 90 degrees. They are old enough that they really notice the heat. Anna enjoys walking to see our neighbors and our neighbors' animals. We stopped at her favorite neighbor, Miss T's.

Miss T has lots of animals, so it is like our very own zoo. We visited with the dogs (5), cats, birds, chickens, ducks, and horses. Great fun!

We also let Anna go to the Pumpkin Patch in town and pick out a pumpkin. She told us she wanted a "little Pumpkin." Here's her choice:

We'll have to get a bigger one to carve, but the little one is amusing for now.

Oh, yes, knitting, you ask? Well, I'm working on Klara. I have about 1/3 of the first sleeve complete. I might actually cut out about 3 inches, not 2 as planned. I'm not sure yet!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

More St Stitch

Not a lot to report today. I'm working on my Klara sleeve and have made it into the stocking stitch section. It is looking quite pretty. I've decided two things. 1) I'm going to leave the back open in a v just like the front. It should be really pretty that way. 2) I'm going to shorten the sleeve length. I think I will try 2 inches. That should bring the sleeves up a little and compensate for leaving the back open (which will lengthen the sleeves).

I'm still knitting!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Back to Work!

I'm back to work today, since Anna's M reaction fever has been gone for 24 hours. I think she was happy to get back to school. She announced that she was going to work to see her friends.

I think Liam is happy she is back to school as well. Here he is, after Anna's attentions:

He is such a great dog (though my husband calls him a true Dawg). Liam showed up in our garage about 5 years ago. We tried to locate his owners, but he probably was dumped. We get lots of dogs in our neighborhood this way. Our friends often take the dogs that we find. In fact, my husband has been known to try to bribe people to take dogs by offering some fine Irish whiskey--we were able to send two dogs to happy homes this way. Liam is really gentle with kids. Anna likes to put him to sleep with the "covers" she gets from the dish towel drawer.

Some yarn, you ask? Here is the yarn for my poofy capelet:

I'm moving along on my first klara sleeve. Whoop! (Aggie code, ya'll)

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I've just got to get organized!

Yup. I may look like a total slob, but I cling to the idea that an organized life is ideal. Right now it feels like my knitting life is not organized. I will take this post to figure out how to get organized, so bear with me, ok?

If you take a look at my sidebar you can see all the projects that I am working on or want to be working on. It really helps me to think about things in a list. I know that is boring, not spontaneous, and just way too up tight, but I don't like feeling that I am not making progress on my knitting. Period. Go ahead, psychoanalyze that, but I will tell you that this compulsion is what makes people into decent or great academics. How else could you complete a project (dissertation or book) that takes years?

I'm making progress on Klara (helps that I've been home from work with a child... see the last posting). I've finished both front and back, so it is on to sleeve island. I will be shortening the sleeves, but I'm not sure how much yet. I must mull that question over.

I have the pumpkin hat to work on, but that should be done soon. Then there is that blasted felted bag. Argh. I really should just sit down and finish the shoulder strap--I have about 30 of the 82 inches finished. I think seaming the bag and felting it will be fun, so I should just suck it up and get through the yucky part.

So what should go next on the list after these three? I have to start my Mom's secret Christmas present--it may take a while to knit. Hmm. Then the capelet I ordered yarn from Fuzzy Galore. Then, I think the little hat and mittens set from Sally Melville. If I ever get my yarn for my poncho I'll get that started too, followed by the Booga bag.

That leaves three projects that I don't have the yarn for yet, but plan on getting soon. I want to make Sursa from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton 2. My Mom is going to give me the yarn for my birthday (in Dec.), so I will start that around my holiday break.

I desperately want to learn to make something with cables, and I've been eyeing the little purse in Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's book 1. What do you think? A good first cable project?

And, I gave in to the temptation. I went to Froggy knits and saw her amazing Colinette Flounce jacket.

I so want to flounce too! So I ordered the pattern and yarn. Here's the color (I should write colour for yarn dyed in Wales) I chose Florentina:

Ok. Let's call that a plan for the next, say, year?

BTW: What is blog ettique regarding comments? I've had such nice comments from people. Do most knit bloggers thank their commenters or respond? Or is it implied that you just love your commenters? Hmm. Thoughts?

Monday, October 11, 2004

Back to Work--Sort of...

It's Monday, but we don't have a day off. You see we live in Texas, the "right to work state." What that translates to is that any sort of labour union initiative, including days off on normal days off days, are out of the question. It is a miracle that we have off on MLK day. Really. So, I trudged to work, to teach my group of students.

Except I didn't get far. Remember that M shot my daughter had, the one that I struggled to give her as a separate (non MMR all three together) shot? Well, 7-10 days it is common to get a reaction, which she did. She developed a fever, which dropped with some Motrin. My husband is swamped, so he had to go to work, and I assumed that since she seemed to feel fine, that she could go to school. Nope. Not a chance. Daycare declares that if you have a fever, no school. Doesn't seem to account for shot reactions, which aren't contagious. So I taught class and came home. I just don't get much done here, so this day (and tomorrow--she has to be off of school until 24 hours fever free) are a bust. Grr.

It is, on the other hand, a gorgeous day in Texas. Since lots of knit bloggers are showing their sky, here's the view off our back deck. Look:

You don't call Texas the big sky country for nothing. Almost makes up for the no holiday, huh? Plus, it is getting cooler and crisper here. Still comfortable to have shorts on, but not humidly sticky. Ahh.

What did I do this weekend? Here's Klara:

If I am at home it might speed up!

And here's Anna's pumpkin hat:

I fiddled with the pattern to get it to fit Anna's head, as it was for a baby. This is the first pattern that I have done some major changes to, so I'm proud of my efforts. I broke out that calculator and crunched those numbers! Ok. I'm an English Ph.D. What do you expect? This is about as number crunchy as I get!

Friday, October 08, 2004

More Klara

I am having so much fun working with Noro yarn. It really is gorgeous stuff. I am almost finished my first swatch and will then keep going with the next. Klara is a fast knit.

I have been trying to resist buying any more yarn or planning any more projects. I did decide to add two pieces to my list.

Anna's Pumpkin Hat

When Anna was born someone gave her an eggplant hat. It was handknit by a woman in Maine and oh so cute. Anna wore it more than a year until it just wouldn't go over her head. I was looking for a similar pattern the other day and came up with the Pumpkin Hat:

The hat is a free pattern from Susan Esser. I have some Brown Sheep Worsted in the right colors, so a pumpkin hat for Anna is on the list.

Easy Poofy Capelet

We are now in the humid rainy fall of Texas, which means that the air condition in the building where I work is absolutely freezing. In response, I've decided to make the Easy Poofy Capelet pattern that I found on Fuzzy Galore.

Isn't it cute?

I wasn't sure which color of Poof yarn from Crystal Palace to use, but I settled on Berry Parfait:

I'm hoping this will be an easy knit, because I am COLD at work.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm having too much fun!

Klaralund is such a fun knit! I think it is a combination of the clever pattern (who would have thought sleeves could work as the bodice as well) and the gorgeous Noro yarn. This is the first time that I have used Silk Garden, and I'm already considering which project should come next.

Here is what I have to date:

Aren't the colors pretty! I think the bright green and teal just look so fun. This sweater also feels to be the perfect weight for Texas winters--not too heavy, yet yummy warm.

And, I have just started the second skein of yarn. This is great for two reasons: 1) 10 skeins should be enough to finish the project ( I was worried about this, but the knitalongers told me no problems), and 2) I practiced a new technique. One of the knitalongers talked about how to split and fuse the ends of two skeins of yarn so you don't have to sew in ends. I tried this technique and it worked great. All you have to do is to ravel the ends, make them wet, put them together, and roll them in your hands. It is sort of like mini felting. The ends seem strong (I gave them a good pull and they held together), and you can't see the start of the new ball. Neat!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Klaralund Rocks!

Ok. Had to slip back into that College-speak from the 80s. Yes, I had big hair....and pink hair. Since Wendy was brave enough to show us her pictures of post-shower hair, I am going to show you the punker day pics:

Yup. That's me second from the right. Ah. The 80s. I have no idea why anyone longs for that time period. The planet doesn't need the hair spray.

I just adore Klaralund. I started with the first swatch (block) and am amazed at how gorgeous the colors of this yarn are. Just to remind you, I'm making the Klaralund in the suggested pattern yarn because Blues and Greens look great on me.

Ever have one of those knitting experiences that make you want to boil water, make a huge pot of tea, pop in some scones and sit on the comfy chair all day? Yup. That's this pattern. I'll take a picture for tomorrow's post.

I was looking at the Rowan book again, and here are two of the patterns that I really like:

The Deborah

The Ash

Both designs are interesting and challenging to me (a newish knitter). Plus, they would be perfect weight for Texas weather. So, maybe I will have to consider adding them to "the list."

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I Surface

Hello! Me again! I don't normally post on the weekend, and then we had a guest consultant on Sun/Mon so I didn't get a moment to stop and look at the computer. So, this is going to be a long one!

Finished Objects!

Remember that hat that distracted me from the felted bag I was supposed to be finishing? Well, it was a fast knit, and I finished it on Saturday. Here is Bruce showing it off--this is his best "I want to be a fisherman guy" look.

Bruce was looking at the potential wooden boats, so it seemed appropriate for him to be wearing the hat. But, you see that little hand?

Anna decided that it was "my hat, not Daddy's!" Ah, a two year old. She took Bruce's hat and plunked it on her head.

I also finished Anna's poncho! I thought it came out really cute and wearable. I even didn't mind finishing it with the double crochet stitch, which is amazing because I am not a huge crochet fan.

Since Anna was having fun modeling Daddy's hat, I thought it was a good time to get a live and in person pic of her in the poncho. No way. She told me, "I don't like this!" Oh. OK>

Instead she decided that the poncho needed to be spread on the ground. See:

Then she decided that the poncho would serve as a great place to park tractors and animals.

Sigh. Maybe when it gets colder she will decided that wearing the poncho is better than freezing. Here's the poncho without kid:

Mail Call!

I received two knitting packages in the mail as well. Knit Wit arrived and the Rowan fall book and the gift.

I'm not sure about Knit Wit. I love Knitty and the folks involved with the project, but there wasn't a lot in the book that I thought I would make with the exception of patterns already available on the Knitty site. Sigh. (I am doing a lot of that today...) I don't feel that bad about getting the book, because the folks involved deserve some compensation for all of their great work.

The Rowan book, on the other hand, is wonderful. I had bought a few Rebecca mags, but wasn't really moved. I thought Rowan might have the same effect, but there were tons of interesting and fun patterns that I was interested in! Plus they look a bit more difficult, which should be lots of fun.

New Project: Klaralund!

While I have worked on my felted purse (30 inches of 82 finished), I decided to swatch for Klaralund. After a few different needle sizes, I ended up with gauge on 10s. I even washed and blocked the swatch to be sure that this would work--Froggy said it shrinks, which concerned me. But, when I measured it yesterday it was perfect. I cast on over my morning coffee and ebay perusal and made it through about 12 rows. This is a fast and beautiful knit. I already love it! Pics soon--I am going to work on this during the VP debates.

Friday, October 01, 2004

I Folded...


Ok. So I folded. I looked at Chris' nice comment about the Booga Bag (she said it was lots of fun), so I went digging into the stash cupboard and found the Kuryeon. The yarn was so much prettier than I remembered! So, I thought, this would be perfect entertainment during the debate. I went into my needle drawer and guess what? No double points in the correct size. Grr. So, as I had already committed to a new project, I dug in there and found the yarn for my husband's promised hat.

My husband is the warmest person I know. He barely wears a coat in the winter, even when we have been in snowy climates. So, I will never convince him to wear a sweater. He has one fleece and no sweaters--and he refuses to wear the fleece. So, in desperation, I forced him to accept one knitted object. We agreed on a simple hat that he can wear when he runs on that one cold day of the year. Since he is Mr. stinky sweatey guy when he runs, the hat has to go in the wash. I'm using cheapo wool-ease and a pattern from Sally Melville's Knit book.

Anna news

Our child is just the best child in the world (parents always say this, I know). Last night we had sushi, one of Anna's favorites. Here she is:

She decided to pick out the cucumbers, avocado, and fish, but she loved the rice and seaweed. She ate about 10 pieces....

I'm not sure why Anna is so adventurous--Curry, chinese food, broccoli, couscous, and more. She just has always eaten lots of varieties of foods, which is a relief in our house where there is usually a Chinese stir fry and rice for dinner.

Other Anna news? I finally received a call from our doctor's this morning telling me that her shots are in. After lots of research and discussion, particularly with my friend who has an autistic child, we decided to give Anna non-mercury (thimerosol) shots only. Plus, we split up the MMR shots. She received the R part about a year and a half ago, but the dr. has had a hard time getting the two separate Ms. Finally we have the two separate shots, and she can have the one. The idea is that MMR potentially can have adverse affects on children, with some anecdotal evidence that it might trigger autism. By splitting them up, you give the child's immune system a better chance to deal with the shot. Keep you fingers crossed.

Every time a child has a shot, there is a small risk of problem. They aren't completely safe. For example, our assistant at work had the polio shot as a child and became paralyzed for 24 hours. This is a rare side effect--the shot actually trigged polio. So, I get a little paranoid whenever we go about this procedure....

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